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1 + 3 Bachelor Program In Shanghai Ocean University :
Food Science And Engineering

Basic Information

About the Commission :
 · iAgent can see the commission detail after login the account.
 · The amount of the commission will be updated according to actual situation. Once the application has been submitted, the commission of the certain application will be set.

About the Teaching Language :
 · This program contains one year Chinese prepatory courses + three years major courses.
 · After the student pass HSK 4, the student can enter major courses in the second year.
 · The Chinese courses and the major courses are all taught in Chinese.

Fee Structure

About the Service Fee :
 · After iAgents upgraded as our VIP iAgent, iAgents can receive different level of discount on service fee. Learn More >>> .

Key Factors

About The Result Announcement :
 · "Regular Speed" means speed during March to May
 · It will take longer when iAgents submit in other months

About The Documents Arrival :
 · "Documents" means admission letter + JW202 ( if have )
 · "Arrival" means arrive in iAgent's address ( if iAgent choose mailing by DHL )

Key Dates

Application Qualifications

Application Materials
1 Application Form
2 Passport
3 Photo
4 Graduate Certificate of Senior High
5 Academic Transcript of Senior High
6 Physical Examination Form
7 Self - statement

 · Documents in another language than Chinese or English should be translated into Chinese or English. The translation company should stamp officially on the translated documents.

 · iAgents are welcomed to suggest their applicants provide other supporting documents in order to higher the success rate, such as language proficiency certificate, non-criminal certificate, graduate certificate or academic transcript of higher education, any academic award certificate and etc..

 · If the applicant has the plan to renew the passport, iAgent should keep CUCAS update to avoid any unnecessary delay or misunderstanding. Technically, as soon as the application start, before the applicant arrive and register at the university, the applicant should not renew passport.

 · If your students are currently in China :
  If they are working in China, they need to provide employment seperation certificate and their current residence permit.
  If they are studying in China, they need to provide the transfer certificate, the leaving certificate, the certificate of attendance rate which issued by previous school and the current residence permit.

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This articles is updated on October 9, 2018. For the lastest update of this program please refres here.

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